University of Wisconsin–Madison

Co-organized by Giuliana Chamedes (History) and Scott Gehlbach (Political Science), the History and Politics Workshop facilitates cooperation and exchange among political scientists and historians. Through a regular seminar series, we expose faculty and graduate students in the two disciplines to cutting-edge theoretical and empirical work. In the process, we work to develop a better understanding of how historians and political scientists think and how we can learn from one another. We also discuss barriers to intellectual trade and how these might be lowered. In our first three years, we have put political and intellectual historians in dialogue with specialists in political theory, political economy, comparative politics, and international relations.

The Brittingham Trust generously provides support for the History and Politics Workshop.

Schedule, 2017–18

October 28th: Holly Case (Brown University), “The Great War in the Age of Questions,” 8:15-9:15, Pyle Center, in the context of a symposium on World War I at the Pyle Center, 10/27-10/28

April 18: Matthew Specter (UC Berkeley), “What Was ‘Realism’? A Transatlantic Historical Perspective on a Contested Concept in International Relations,” 12:00-1:15, 260 Bascom Hall

April 19: Yuri Zhukov (University of Michigan), “Mass Repression and Political Loyalty: Evidence from Stalin’s ‘Terror by Hunger’,” 12:00-1:15, 422 North Hall, co-sponsored by the Center for Russia, East Europe, and Central Asia and the Comparative Politics Colloquium

April 19: Serhii Plokhii (Harvard University), “Nuclear Power and the Arrogance of Man: Revisiting the Chernobyl Disaster,” 4:00-5:15, 206 Ingraham Hall, co-sponsored by the Center for Russia, East Europe, and Central Asia

May 4th: Eric Nelson (Harvard University), 12:00-1:15, 422 North Hall, co-sponsored by the Political Theory Workshop